Register for Your Roundtable Meeting

The Argentum Executive Roundtable Meetings are Thursday, November 8 in Washington, D.C. in conjunction with the Argentum Senior Living Symposium. 


Thursday, November 8 | 1:30 PM - 4:30 PM

Roundtables Meeting:

  • COO/SVP of Operations Executive Roundtable
  • CFO Executive Roundtable
  • Clinical Quality Executive Roundtable
  • Dining Executive Roundtable
  • Government Relations Executive Roundtable
  • Human Resources Executive Roundtable
  • Memory Care Executive Roundtable
  • Sales and Marketing Executive Roundtable


Meeting Location


The Argentum Senior Living Symposium will be held at the The LINE DC, 1770 Euclid St., NW, Washington, D.C. 20902.

Register for Your Roundtable Meeting

1.) Click to REGISTER for the Symposium to RSVP for your roundtable meeting.

2.) Login to the Argentum website with your work email. If you have never logged-in before, the system will ask you to verify contact information before proceeding with the event registration. Thank you in advance for your patience.

3.) You will have the option to register for the roundtable meeting AND Senior Living Symposium ($350), or you may choose to simply register for the roundtable meeting (no cost).

Having Trouble Registering?
If you do not see Executive Roundtable Meeting registration as an option, you may have a different email associated with your roundtable membership in the Argentum database. We can help you troubleshoot this and other potential issues to get you registered as quickly as possible. Please email or call Kari Horesky at 703-562-1179.

Executive Roundtable Eligibility

The Argentum Executive Roundtable program is an invitation-only, Premier Member program comprised of seasoned senior living professionals from a variety of disciplines and functional areas. During these peer-to-peer meetings, participants discuss their most pressing business challenges and are encouraged to bring relevant questions for group comment and possible resolution. Read more about the Executive Roundtable program policies.

Roundtable Substitutions
Questions about your specific roundtable, substitutions, or other inquiries, please contact Kari Horesky at

Argentum Executive Roundtable Staff Liaisons

If you have questions or comments related to your specific roundtable, please feel free to reach out to your Argentum staff liaison.


Gina Mamone

COO/SVP of Operations 

Brad Williams

Clinical Quality

Maribeth Bersani

Dining Services

Kari Horesky

Human Resources

Brent Weil

Information Technology

Olivia Wilson

Government Relations

Neil Cohen

Memory Care 

Maribeth Bersani

Purchasing and Procurement 

Sharon Cohen

Regional Executives 

Jessica McKay

Sales & Marketing

Jaclyn Vann

Symposium Sponsors