Quality & Operational Efficiency Track

Residents are best served when senior living professionals share ideas and solutions to cultivate operational efficiencies and business growth, and drive innovation in the way we serve older adults.

Join us to hear from leading subject matter experts on:

 • Using deficiency reports for operational improvement and competitive advantage
 • Overcoming benchmarking challenges
 • Innovative service models: opportunities for diversification
 • Medication management: key issues surrounding medicinal and recreational cannabis

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Quality Schedule at a Glance | November 9, 2018


Networking Breakfast (7:45 - 8:30 AM)

Dee Ann Turner

Keynote Presentation (8:30 - 9:30 AM)

It's My Pleasure: The Impact of Extraordinary Talent and a Compelling Culture

Speaker: Dee Ann Turner

Dee Ann Turner, Vice President of Sustainability for Chick-fil-A Inc. and Corporate Talent Expert, works globally with organizations who want to grow talent management practices, transform and strengthen culture, and develop an "It’s My Pleasure" service model. She will share with attendees more than 30 years of experience hiring and developing talent and transforming organizational culture.

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Innovative Service Models & Medicare Reimbursement (9:45 - 10:45 AM)

In the changing landscape of healthcare delivery, ongoing care reform opens opportunities for assisted living communities and CCRCs to provide solutions for health systems to save costs while achieving quality outcomes and improving satisfaction. There is much theory surrounding how the senior living industry can position itself as a lower cost solution for both hospital systems and insurance companies. In this session you will learn about opportunities being created for assisted living and CCRCs due to changes in healthcare reform; how to manage successful partnerships with health care systems; and actionable steps to turn theory into reality.-

Meredith Mills-300
Sarah Walmsley
  • Adam Brooks, Director of Accountable Care, BAYADA Home Health Care
  • Meredith Mills, MHA, PCHA, Sr. Vice President & Chief Operating Officer, Country Meadows Retirement Communities
  • Sarah Walmsley, National Director of Strategic Partnerships- Senior Living Solutions, BAYADA Home Health Care

Key Quality Metrics & State Deficiency Trends (10:45 - 11:20 AM)

It’s essential to have the right information when making important decisions related to quality improvement. Yet deciding on the correct metrics and setting up a good system for tracking can be a real challenge, including the establishment of relevant benchmarks to compare performance. This session features a discussion of key metrics, benchmarking information, and deficiency trends that can be gleaned from monitoring relevant information contained in state deficiency reports across the industry. Participants will gain an understanding of proposed metrics that can be tracked and trended to identify competitive advantages and operational improvements.

Trissie Farr_Headshot
  • Jessica Curtis, SVP, Clinical Informatics, Quality In-Cite
  • Trissie Farr, Managing Director, Quality In-Cite



Group Exercise: Top 5 Quality Metrics that Argentum Should Measure  (11:20 - 11:45 AM)

In this exercise participants will review a list of metrics identified by Argentum’s Quality Improvement Task Force and come to a consensus on the top five metrics that Argentum will measure moving forward. The results of this exercise will provide the focus for the afternoon working session.

Lynne Katzmann, Founder and President of Juniper Communities

Lunch and Keynote Presentation (12:00 - 1:15 PM)

Culture: A Company’s DNA, Heart and Soul and Distinction

Keynote Speaker: Lynne Katzmann

In this engaging presentation, Lynne Katzmann, founder and president of Juniper Communities, details how the company built its unique culture and how that became central to its mission and success. The session concludes with key insights we all can use to create a positive culture and let that propel us personally and professionally.

Working Session: Path to Benchmarking (1:30 - 2:30 PM)

After a morning spent discussing key metrics for senior living, this is your opportunity to be part of the solution. In this interactive, consensus-building workshop, join the conversation and help establish and define a set of key metrics that can be consistently tracked across the senior living industry. The results of this group project will be used to guide Argentum’s initial metrics initiatives moving forward.

  • Facilitators:  Members of Argentum’s Quality Improvement Task Force.


Medical and Recreational Cannabis: Implications for Senior Living  (2:45 - 3:45 PM)

The use of medical cannabis has been a controversial subject, and this issue is unlikely to go away as baby boomers continue to transition to senior living in increasing numbers. Are there benefits to medical cannabis – especially compared to the use of opioids? What challenges should you anticipate – are you prepared to manage medical cannabis? Join us for a discussion designed to help you become more informed and better prepared to address these issues in your communities.

  • Karmen Hanson, Program Director, Health Program, National Conference of State Legislatures


Karmen Hanson

Featured Speaker: Karmen Hanson

Program Director for Behavioral Health, National Conference of State Legislatures

Karmen Hanson specializes in tobacco, cannabis, pharmaceuticals, mental health, substance misuse, and other public and behavioral health topics. She has collaborated with numerous governmental and private organizations including the Office of Pharmacy Affairs, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and the Association of State and Territorial Health Officials (ASTHO).  Over the last 17 years, Karmen has briefed and testified before dozens of legislative bodies and has presented for a variety of groups including the CDC, Association of Public Health Laboratories, 340B Coalition Conference, American Cancer Society, American Bar Association, National Council for Behavioral Health, and at national conferences on a wide range of health policy issues.

Wrap-Up  (3:45 - 4:00 PM)


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